Shoulder & Elbow

Premier Orthopaedic Associates is proud to bring to you a focused and highly trained team that deals with all aspects of shoulder & elbow care. All located in your back yard. Whether it be sports related injuries, a traumatic injury like a car accident or a complex deformity, Premier Orthopaedic Associates offers leaders in shoulder & elbow that specialize in getting your quality of life back.

Shoulder & Elbow treatment

Your shoulder is a unique joint with ability to move in many directions. With so much ability to move, your shoulder has so much potential to get hurt. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint, made up of three bones which rely on a large muscle group called the Rotator Cuff. The Rotator Cuff muscle group helps you move your arm above your head, comb your hair and put on your clothes. The rotator cuff can also play a key role in more advance activities like throwing a ball or swinging a racket. As we get older, we can get overuse injuries in our shoulder joints while working or playing. Since we rely so heavily on our shoulders for work and play, those overuse injuries can take their toll, causing muscles tears, tendon ruptures and other injuries. These injuries can cause pain and can sometimes be so serious that you can't even lift your arm overhead.

Premier Orthopaedic Associates physicians treat, diagnose and repair hundreds of shoulder & elbow injuries each year. Our doctors are deeply familiar with the latest treatments, techniques and procedures available to help treat even the most complex conditions.

What type of injuries and conditions commonly affect the shoulder? 

Bankart Lesion 
Tendon Rupture of the Bicep   
Collarbone (Clavicle) Fractures 
Arthritis of the Elbow 
Dislocation of the Elbow 
Bone Spurs 
Golfers Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis) 
Labral Tear 
Olecranon Fracture 
Fractures of the Radial Head 
Arthritis in the Shoulder 
Shoulder Impingement Syndrome 
Shoulder Seperation (Acromioclavicular Joint) 
Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior (SLAP Lesion Tear) 
Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) 
Injuries from Throwing

Your elbow is made up of three bones that create a hinge type joint. Your elbow is a key part of your ability to flex, bend, push and pull with your arms. However, your elbow is also susceptible to injury through sports, work, simple overuse or accidental falls. If you have a pain or problem with your elbow, consult the doctors at Premier Orthopeadics to discuss you individual neeeds. Whether its specific exercises, custom braces, special injections or surgery, our specialists in elbow difficulties will help you in getting your elbow function back.

When surgery is a consideration, we have a team of dedicated surgical specialists that specialize is minimally invasive as complex reconstructive surgery for those who may have had surgery in the past. Rest assured that all shoulder and elbow problems are investigated with the utmost care. And, at Premier, you have the confidence that only your doctor is doing your surgery. All in the convenience of your own backyard.

Experience the Premier Difference

At Premier, we pride ourselves on delivering PREMIER CARE. Our care starts with LISTENING to how your problem is affecting you. Then, after carefully understanding your difficulties, our board certified and fellowship trained specialists work to use the most advanced diagnostic testing to further clarify and diagnose your ailment. With a clear understanding, we work tirelessly to solve your orthopaedic related problems with the most advanced techniques.

Thomas A. Dwyer

MD, FAAOS, Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, Fellowship Trained Arthroscopic Shoulder & Knee Reconstruction/Sports Medicine, Founder/CEO of 
Premier Orthopaedic Associates

Richard C. DiVerniero

MD, FAAOS, Board Certified 
Orthopaedic Surgeon 
and a partner of 
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Fred McAlpin, III

DO, FAOAO, Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and a partner of 
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John. B. Catalano

  MD, FAAOS, Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery and a partner of 
Premier Orthopaedic Associates

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DO, FAOAO, Board Certified Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon, Fellowship Trained Hand,Wrist & Microvascular Surgery and a partner of Premier Orthopaedic Associates

Vincent N. Disabella

Double Board Certified, 
Fellowship Trained Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician