Some of the most common knee injuries are “anterior cruciate ligament” (ACL) and “medial collateral ligament” (MCL). These injuries can significantly affect mobility and overall quality of life. However, advancements in medical technology and surgical techniques have made it possible to treat ACL and MCL tears with minimally invasive approaches, providing patients with a quicker recovery and reduced post-operative discomfort.

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What is an ACL or MCL tear?

  • ACL tear: The ACL is a vital ligament that stabilizes the knee joint. Tears often occur during sudden movements, sports-related injuries, or accidents, resulting in pain, swelling, and instability.
  • MCL tear: The MCL is another critical ligament that helps stabilize the knee. MCL tears typically result from direct blows to the outer knee and can cause pain, swelling, and difficulty bending the knee.

Sports-related ACL and MCL tears

Athletes, both amateur and professional, are particularly susceptible to ACL and MCL tears due to the physical demands and high-impact nature of sports. Common sports-related causes include:

  • Twisting or pivoting movements: Sports like soccer, basketball, and football often involve sudden changes in direction, which can put tremendous stress on the ACL and MCL, leading to tears.
  • Contact injuries: Sports such as rugby, wrestling, and martial arts carry a risk of direct collisions or tackles that can result in MCL tears.
  • Incorrect landings: Gymnasts, skiers, and snowboarders may experience ACL tears when they land awkwardly after a jump or fall.
  • Overuse: In some cases, overuse and repetitive stress on the knee joint, common in sports like long-distance running, can contribute to ligament injuries over time.

Our team of sports medicine specialists are focused on restoring mobility, comfort, and getting professional or amateur players back to doing what they love as quickly as possible.

ACL and MCL tear treatments at Premier Orthopaedic Associates

At Premier Orthopaedic Associates, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art care for ACL and MCL tears. Our focus is on minimizing disruption to your life while ensuring the best possible outcomes. Here are some of the minimally invasive treatments we offer:

  • Arthroscopic surgery: Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that involves small incisions and the use of a tiny camera (arthroscope) to visualize and repair damaged ligaments, including the ACL and MCL. This approach reduces scarring, post-operative pain, and recovery time.
  • ACL reconstruction: In cases of severe ACL tears, our orthopedic surgeons may recommend ACL reconstruction. This procedure involves using small incisions to replace the torn ACL with graft tissue. Arthroscopic techniques are commonly used during ACL reconstruction to ensure precise placement and minimal tissue disruption.
  • MCL repair: For MCL tears, our minimally invasive approach may involve suturing or repairing the damaged ligament through arthroscopy, promoting a quicker recovery and preservation of surrounding tissues.
  • Rehabilitation: Following minimally invasive surgery, we emphasize comprehensive rehabilitation programs designed to help you regain strength, stability, and function in your knee. We work closely with you to ensure a smooth recovery process.
  • Multidisciplinary care: Our practice offers a multidisciplinary approach to ACL and MCL tear treatment. This includes collaborating with physical therapists, pain management specialists, and other healthcare professionals to provide holistic care tailored to your specific needs.

By opting for minimally invasive treatments, such as arthroscopic surgery, we aim to minimize disruption to your daily life, reduce post-operative discomfort, and facilitate a faster return to your normal activities.

If you've experienced an ACL or MCL tear or are dealing with knee pain and instability, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our board-certified orthopedic surgeons. At Premier Orthopaedic Associates, we're committed to providing you with the most advanced, minimally invasive treatment options to help you get back to the active lifestyle you love.

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