What is causing the pain in your head or back of the neck?

Your neck is made up of vertebrae that extend from the skull to the upper torso, with cervical discs that absorb the shock between the bones. The many bones, ligaments, and muscles in your neck support your head and allow for motion that we take for granted, until there is pain.

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Understanding Head and Neck Pain

Many people will experience head and neck pain at some point in their life. The cause can be something as simple as poor posture, overuse, stress, or sleeping in an awkward position. Other times, head and neck pain is caused by a fall, whiplash from a car accident, or a sports injury resulting in a concussion.

Leading Head and Neck Care

Premier Orthopaedic Associates of Southern New Jersey has a team of board-certified, fellowship-trained specialists focused on head and neck care. With expert spine physicians, sports medicine physicians, and pain management physicians, our patients come from all over the United States and beyond to seek our expertise. Our care starts with a thorough examination and a review of your image testing. From there, we develop a treatment plan that may include interventional pain management. When surgery is a consideration, our team of award-winning orthopedic surgeons specialize in the latest techniques and minimally invasive procedures to get you back to living life pain-free.

If you are feeling pain in your head or neck that has come on suddenly, lasting more than a week, or is the result of an injury seek medical attention immediately with one of our neck and head specialist. 

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