Chris - Shoulder Surgery

"After an injury, I had problems. I couldn’t reach my arm above my head. Dr. Dwyer and his team were very patient with me. After successful shoulder surgery, I was able to get back to baseball in the same season."

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Brook - Shoulder Surgery

"Before surgery, I thought I wouldn’t be able to play softball in college. I didn’t know how I was going to recover, or if my arm would be the same. Thanks to Dr. McAplin, I feel great now after having my shoulder surgery."

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Bob - Neck Surgery

"The pain was keeping me up at night. I could not look up, could not turn. After the surgery I started to feel the results immediately. The results we so dramatic!"

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Barbara - Knee Surgery

"Dr. Catalano saved my husband’s leg 17 years ago. So when I started to have knee pain I knew where to go. Getting a knee replacement is the best thing I could have done. Now, I can do the things I want to do hiking with my husband or walking on the beach. I don’t have the swelling and pain that I had before the procedure."

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Terry - Knee Surgery

"I am a mother of four and a grandmother of six children. I wanted to dance at my kid's weddings, be able to carry my grandchildren, and travel. Now I can do all of this after knee surgery without any pain thanks to Premier Orthopaedics."

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Chris - Knee Surgery

"Dr. Dwyer cared for me and my family as of his own and saved my life."

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Meg - Hip Surgery

"I used to walk, run, bike and swim but I was having pain. Dr. Wu helped me to get my life back. Three months after hip surgery, I went to Brazil to hike the mountains with my daughters and they had to keep up with me."

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Beverly - Neck & Back Pain

"Because of the surgery performed by Dr. Rahul Shah, I can enjoy my grandson and be there for my family when they need me most."


Joan - Knee Surgery

"I can live pain free now and its all because of Dr. Dwyer."

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George - Hip Surgery

"I couldn’t sit right, I couldn’t lay right, and I couldn’t walk right. I was in constant pain. I used to go kayaking every year and do different activities outside with my kids and grandkids. Before surgery I wasn’t be able to do these things and enjoy them. The confidence and comfortable feeling Dr. Wu gave to me, helped me to make my decision for hip surgery that changed my life for better."

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Bill - Back Surgery

"It is almost like I went back in time. Now I can stand straight and walk straight. I even got taller than before. I will recommend Dr. Shah to anyone who has similar symptoms."


Darren - Shoulder Surgery

"Dr. Dwyer helped to me make right decision at the right time."

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Cynthia - Neck Surgery

"Dr. Shah really understands and cares about his patients. After surgery I am enjoying my life with my kids and results are worth every bit of it and I would do it again."


Denise – Ruptured Thumb Tendon

"After surgery I gained full mobility of my thumb.  I can now enjoy cooking and gardening again."

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