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Occupational Medicine, was previously known as “Industrial Medicine” and today is known as “Occupational Health”. Occupational Health is a branch of medicine concerned with the maintenance of health in the workplace, including prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries, with secondary objectives of maintaining and increasing productivity and social adjustment in the workplace. 

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Expansive injury investigations

At every visit, our physicians will:

  • Obtain a thorough history, stressing the mechanism of the injury.
  • Determine the working diagnosis.
  • Review X-rays and other studies.
  • Determine work restrictions, if any.
  • Provide detailed notes on the same day and follow-up within 24-48 hours of the patient's visit.

Occupational Medicine and Workers Compensation

At Premier Orthopaedic Associates our team of Occupational Medicine Physicians understands how work impacts your health and how health impacts your work.  We have extensive experience helping employers promote a safe workplace to reduce injuries.   When injuries occur we work diligently to examine the cause and how it could’ve been prevented.  Premier Orthopaedic Associates strives to reduce overall workers’ compensation costs so your organization can focus on employee compensation and company growth.  When you need a team to trust for your Occupational Health partner, we’ve got you covered from DISCOVERY to RECOVERY.

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You will be back on your feet as soon as possible

Whether the injury is to the hand, spine, arm or leg Premier Orthopaedic Associates maintains a reputation of providing high-quality Workers’ Compensation care in Southern New Jersey. One of the primary benefits of choosing Premier Orthopaedic Associates is the nature of the care we provide, limiting the employee’s time away from work. We understand the guidelines of reportable vs. non-reportable injuries. Our team will work diligently with the employer and carrier to provide both sides the result of our evaluation, to ensure a low MOD to help reduce premiums. We’ll diagnose the injury and perform regulatory examinations to have your worker back to their pre-injury baseline as quickly as possible. Premier Orthopaedic Associates strives to reduce overall workers’ compensation costs so your organization can focus on employee compensation and company growth.  

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Services We Offer

  1. Work Injury Evaluation and Treatment: Our orthopedic experts are skilled in assessing and treating a wide range of work-related injuries, including sprains, strains, fractures, and repetitive motion injuries. We prioritize timely evaluation and effective treatment to facilitate prompt recovery and return to work.
  2. On-Site Occupational Health Services: We provide on-site medical services tailored to meet the specific needs of your workplace. From pre-employment physicals and drug screenings to ergonomic assessments and injury prevention programs, our team works closely with employers to promote employee health and safety.
  3. Workplace Injury Prevention: Prevention is key to maintaining a healthy workforce. We offer customized injury prevention programs and ergonomic assessments to identify potential hazards and implement proactive measures to reduce the risk of workplace injuries.
  4. Return-to-Work Evaluations: Following an injury or illness, our specialists conduct thorough evaluations to determine when an employee is medically fit to return to work safely. We collaborate with employers and employees to facilitate a smooth transition back to their duties, ensuring optimal recovery and productivity.
  5. Employee Health and Wellness Programs: We believe in promoting overall health and wellness among employees. Our comprehensive programs encompass health screenings, wellness education, and lifestyle management initiatives to support long-term health and well-being.

We have you covered

Our Occupational Health services include but are not limited to:

  • Certified collection of standard and DOT drug screening
  • Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT)
  • DOT & non-DOT pre-employment physical
  • OSHA reportable vs. non-reportable incidents
  • Computerized OSHA hearing test
  • Work-related COVID management
  • Computerized spirometry testing
  • Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)
  • Case Management
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Why Choose Premier Orthopaedic Associates for Occupational Medicine?

  1. Expertise: Our team of orthopedic specialists has extensive experience in managing work-related injuries and occupational health concerns.
  2. Comprehensive Care: From injury prevention to rehabilitation, we offer a full spectrum of services to address the diverse needs of employers and employees.
  3. Collaborative Approach: We work closely with employers to develop customized solutions that promote a safe and healthy work environment while minimizing downtime and productivity losses.
  4. Convenience: With multiple locations and flexible scheduling options, we strive to provide convenient access to quality occupational medicine services for businesses of all sizes.

At Premier Orthopaedic Associates we strive to reduce overall workers’ compensation costs so your organization can focus on employee compensation and company growth. Contact us today at 856.690.1612 to learn more about our occupational medicine services and how we can support your organization’s success.

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