Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy 

In the dynamic world of sports and physical activity, injuries can be unavoidable. Whether you're an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or have suffered an injury or concussion, the problem can disrupt your active lifestyle and affect performance. The road to recovery doesn't have to be a solitary journey. At Premier Orthopaedic Associates in Southern New Jersey, we offer comprehensive physical and occupational therapy services to help individuals bounce back from injuries and other physical issues to help them regain their full potential.  

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Our holistic approach to whole-body recovery in sports-related injuries

Our therapy services focus on the overall well-being and functionality of individuals in their daily lives. In sports-related injuries, professional assistance is necessary to restore motion, comfort, and the ability to return to doing what you love.

Physical and Occupational  Therapy in Vineland, NJ

Physical and occupational therapy are essential components of musculoskeletal care, playing a pivotal role in the prevention, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries.  Our ultimate mission is to have all of our patients return to what they love to do free of pain, whether that be getting back onto the playing field, or keeping up with your grandchildren and anything in between.  We invest time with each patient to understand their most pertinent concerns and tailor each session towards meeting their goals established at the onset of care.    Our therapists treat several different populations within our communities offering comprehensive hand therapy, pre-op and post-op orthopedic surgery, non-operative joint pain, spine rehab, gait and balance training, geriatric rehabilitation, vestibular therapy, post-concussion treatment, return to sport training, and return to work training.

What we do

Injury assessment

Physical and occupational therapy professionals conduct comprehensive in-depth initial assessments to diagnose the extent and nature of sports-related injuries.

Plan of care

An individualized plan of care is developed to address specific musculoskeletal impairments, and consideration for the athlete's goals, limitations, and lifestyle.


Physical and occupational therapists work closely with patients to provide rehabilitation programs that promote recovery and restore functionality.

Return-to-sport planning

Physical and occupational therapists specialize in assisting athletes in creating gradual, safe return-to-sport plans, minimizing the risk of re-injury and maximizing performance.

The road to recovery with physical therapy:

Physical therapy is a crucial aspect of sports injury rehabilitation. Our physical therapists in Vineland, NJ, provide:

Individualized care

Tailored exercise programs are designed to address specific injuries, focusing on strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Manual therapy

Hands-on techniques are used to improve joint and muscle function, reducing pain and enhancing recovery.

Sports-specific rehabilitation

Our therapists understand the unique demands of various sports and can customize rehabilitation programs accordingly.

Injury prevention

Education on injury prevention techniques and exercises is provided to minimize the risk of future injuries.

Progress monitoring

Regular progress assessments and collaboration with our orthopedic surgeons ensure that rehabilitation goals are met, and adjustments are made as needed.

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Why Choose Premier Orthopaedic Associates for physical & occupational therapy?

Premier Orthopaedic Associates provides top-tier physical and occupational therapy services at our Vineland center. Here's why you should choose us for sports injury rehabilitation:

Experienced specialists

Our team includes experienced physical therapists, certified strength and conditioning specialists, occupational therapists, certified vestibular therapists and certified hand therapists.

Personalized treatment

We believe in developing an individualized plan of care using evidence-based practices that best fit each patient's unique needs and goals.

Comprehensive services

We offer a wide range of therapeutic services, using multimodal treatment approaches in combination with skills and techniques to address impairments including therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, ADL training, neuromuscular/proprioceptive training, strength training, return to sport training, biophysical modalities, and electrical stimulation.

State-of-the-art facilities

Our modern facilities are equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and equipment to support precise assessments and effective treatments.

Collaborative approach

Our physical therapist and occupational therapist collaborate closely with our orthopedic physicians and surgeons to ensure a seamless transition from diagnosis to rehabilitation.

Recovering from a sports-related injury is a journey, and at Premier Orthopaedic Associates in Vineland, NJ, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Our therapy services are designed to empower you to reclaim your active lifestyle, allowing you to return to your favorite sports and activities with confidence. Schedule a consultation with our expert team and take the first step toward a full and successful recovery.

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