Here at Premier Orthopaedic Associates of Southern New Jersey, our top priority continues to be the safety of our patients and staff. We continue to follow the recommendations of state and national agencies with regards to precautions to ensure that we provide a safe environment for all of our patients, while we continue to provide you the orthopaedic care you’ve come to expect.

PREMIER ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATES offices continue to offer tele visits when indicated. We continue to perform elective orthopaedic procedures and surgeries taking extra measures to ensure the health & safety of patients during appointments and procedures.

Precautionary measures are in place for the safety of our patients, staff and their families to include:

  1. Temperature checks on arrival have been relaxed
  2. Vital signs continued to be waived during office visits
  3. Staff temperature checks have been waived at this time
  4. Social distancing is currently relaxed [6-foot distance from all customers and staff]
  5. Caregivers and drivers are welcome to accompany patients and loved ones at this time
  6. Procedure and surgical patients may require COVID-19 testing prior to procedures
  7. All magazines continue to be removed from common areas

We continue to adhere to CDC and NJDOH guidelines while continuing to services our patients and communities. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your treatment, as we continue to strive providing the best orthopaedic care in a safe environment post pandemic.

We thank you for your help as we ensure everyone's safety!

Tele-Visits FAQ

What is a Tele-Visit?

What are the benefits of Tele-Visits?

Will my information stay private?

How Will my Tele-Visit Work?

What is a Tele-Visit?

A Tele-Visit is when our physician uses technology to care for you without a face-to-face appointment. During your Tele-Visit you and your orthopaedic provider will see and talk with each other using a computer or smart device (smartphone or tablet). Your orthopaedic provider will be able to check how you’re doing, diagnose any problems you have, and come up with a treatment plan for you through a video Tele-Visit. Your video won’t be recorded or saved.

What are the benefits of Tele-Visits?

One of the main benefits of Tele-Visits is to bring medical care to you in the safety and comfort of your home or office. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this is just another way Premier Orthopaedic’s is doing our part to maintain the quality care we provide and the safety of our patients. Many people say Tele-Visits are like being right in their doctor’s office. Almost all people are happy with the program and find the quality of care through Tele-Visits to be very effective and efficient.

Will my information stay private?

Yes. Tele-Visits meet the strict standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This means your privacy is protected just like all your visits with your healthcare providers. Premier Orthopaedic Associates works with one of the top technology providers in the industry, to ensure your Tele-Visit is private and secure. We will document the visit in your medical record the same way as if your appointment was in person.

How Will my Tele-Visit Work?

We will know ahead of time, if you are a candidate for a Tele-Visit. If so, we will schedule a Tele-Visit appointment time, just as we would for an in-office visit appointment. It is best to have your Tele-Visit from your smart phone or tablet. However, your personal computer with web cam will also work. Our operators will provide you with step-by-step instructions for your Tele-Visit. Many exams can be done during a Tele-Visit. If needed, your orthopaedic provider may ask you to move a part of your body, so they can see range of motion or if you have pain.


Find a quiet and private space away from the public

Make sure this space has good lighting so you and your orthopaedic provider can see each other

Make sure you have an internet connection or cellular service for your visit

Turn off radios, TV or other devices in the background and check that your speakers, camera and microphone are on and working. 

Make sure your device is fully charged or is connected to power outlet and charging during your Tele-Visit

Place your device on a stand or prop it up, in case you’re asked to demonstrate range of motion or test for pain

If your Tele-Visit will be from a smartphone or tablet, turning it to landscape mode will allow your orthopaedic provider to see you better

It’s important for you to stay in one place and not walk around, so your internet connection stays consistent

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