What causes pain in the wrist or elbow?

Most people enjoy an active lifestyle where using their wrist and elbow is second nature. However, if you start experiencing wrist or elbow pain, it can be difficult to complete some of the most simple tasks such as typing, opening a jar or turning a doorknob. Wrist and elbow pain is commonly found in the non-dominant arm when specific muscles and tendons become stressed as a result of being weaker and smaller. The muscles in your non-dominant wrist and elbow may not be strong enough to overcome repetitive action and at times, the cause of pain may actually be from other regions of the body, specifically the neck and upper back. Injury to the wrist and elbow could be the cause of a work related injury, sports injury or overuse limiting your ability to flex, bend, push and pull with your arm.

At Premier Orthopaedic Associates of Southern New Jersey we treat some of the most common and complex wrist and elbow conditions: 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
Distal Radial Fracture  
Wrist and Elbow Arthritis 
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome 
Wrist Sprains and Fractures 
Tendonitis of the Wrist 
Ganglion Cysts 
Traumatic Wrist Injuries 
Wrist Fractures 
Golfers Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis) 
Dislocation of the Elbow 
Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

We know how debilitating pain in the wrist and elbow can be, which is why our team of highly trained wrist and elbow specialists stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and interventional pain management solutions. When surgery is a consideration, we offer minimally invasive procedures performed in one of our state-of-art outpatient surgery centers where our dedicated team is focused on getting your wrist or elbow fully functional.

If you have pain that is persistent or lack mobility in your wrist or elbow, it is time to seek the care of one of our wrist and elbow specialists.    

Elbow and Wrist Specialists 

Peter A. Sarkos DO, FAOAO
Peter A. Sarkos


Bruce A. Monaghan MD, FAAOS
Bruce A. Monaghan


John B. Catalano MD, FAAOS
John B. Catalano


Mark K. Levitsky MD
Mark K. Levitsky


David A. Bundens MD
David A. Bundens


Mark Ayzenberg MD
Mark Ayzenberg