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It’s no mystery why osteoporosis has been classified as a “silent disease.” But, because of this condition’s lack of symptoms, the country, and our own community, is experiencing a major health crisis: an osteoporosis epidemic.

“Bone health has become an increasingly important conversation for primary care providers to have with their patients, especially with our aging patients across the network,” said Thomas Dwyer, M.D., president and CEO of Premier Orthopaedic Associates of Southern New Jersey. “Historically, bone and joint health has been a reactive conversation instead of proactive one. Unless a patient has a complaint, it can be far too easy to pass over these questions at the primary care and subspecialist level. But that has to change.”

Inspira has partnered with Premier to bring the best orthopedic care to patients across South Jersey. Through this collaboration, patients have access to several orthopedic and spinal treatment modalities such as fusions, disc replacements, injections and same-day, minimally invasive procedures. Additionally, patients suffering from neck, arm, shoulder, leg and hip pain benefit from Premier’s experts specializing in both operative and nonoperative treatments for any orthopedic condition.

Coinciding with the obesity epidemic, osteoporosis is on the rise throughout the country. Yet as providers at Inspira Health, you have an opportunity to intervene and help your patients manage their bone health prior to developing long-term complications—starting with a few basic questions.

“The benefits of early joint and bone health decisions are immediate. A simple conversation with your patient allows you to quickly assess their risk profile and help them find a treatment plan best suited for their needs,” said Dr. Dwyer. “Not having this intervention may result in an increased probability that your patient will experience a completely preventable and avoidable fracture, disc herniation or arthritis.”

Ranging from pain management to surgery, Inspira and Premier are able to provide care to patients here, in their community. Importantly, common joint problems and osteoporosis can be completely prevented through effective weight management and exercise. For those seeking more aggressive pain relief techniques and strategies, Premier offers individualized treatment plans incorporating inflammation reduction, physical therapy, epidural steroids and oral treatments.

“To effectively change the trajectory of this crisis, bone health needs to become a staple in primary care medicine. We are always asking about sleep hygiene and physical activity, but really, we need to be incorporating bone health as a regular talking point in every primary care visit,” said Dr. Dwyer. The partnership between Inspira and Premier has created a total access pathway for residents in the South Jersey community. Through this collaboration, patients can receive rapid, same-day care with access to an integrated team throughout all stages of their care.

“The bottom line? This collaboration has expedited and improved the quality of care in ways that have maximally benefited our patients,” said Dr. Dwyer.

If your patient needs an immediate orthopedic consultation, call the experts in Inspira and Premier’s orthopedic program at 1-800-606-1NOW. Or for more information on the orthopedic surgery options at Inspira Health, visit

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