How to Prevent Injury on the Pickleball Court?

While most anyone and any age can play, “picklers” 55 and older are more prone to strains, sprains, and fractures.  Pickleball is a sport that requires repetitive movement such as twisting, bending, and pivoting. If your body is not conditioned for these repetitive movements, you’re more likely to aggravate joints and muscles resulting in inflammation.  

Warming up and stretching is important, both before and after you play.  Strengthening your thigh muscles, including quadriceps and hamstrings, in addition to working on a stronger core will help protect your lower extremities, and neck and back during pickleball.    

Some of the most common injuries we see are:

  • Shoulder strain
  • Pickleball elbow
  • Neck and/or back pain
  • Ankle and wrist sprains  
  • Hip flexor or hamstring muscle strains

The proper equipment for playing pickleball is equally as important as warming up.  Make sure your footwear is appropriate for the surface you’re playing on.  An athletic shoe with good traction and ankle support will help you avoid slips and falls. If you play regularly, you may want to invest in a pair of court shoes that are designed for tennis or pickleball. 

The more time you spend on the court, the more you’ll condition your muscles and improve your game. Take the time to stretch, work on your balance, playing posture, and strengthening weak muscles. Pickleball is a sport that keeps on giving, as long as your body will let it.  Get out there and have fun, join the “Pickleball craze!” 

If you experience an injury or persistent pain from increasing your activity level and playing pickleball, it’s important to seek medical attention sooner than later.  In most cases, continuing to play while experiencing pain, you’re more likely to aggravate another area of the body that is trying to compensate for the initial injury.  TEXT or CALL 856.690.1616 to schedule an appointment with one of our Sports Medicine specialists. You may also Request an Appointment via our website form. 

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