Auriculotherapy (also auricular therapy, ear acupuncture) is a form of acupuncture applied to points on the ear in order to diagnose and treat diseases by stimulating acupoints on the external ear. It is based on the idea that the ear is a micro system, which reflects the entire body, represented on the auricle, the outer portion of the ear. In general, it is well-known for its usefulness in the treatment of painful neurologic disorders such as migraines, polyneuropathy and radiculopathy. Auriculotherapy is also useful in the treatment of nonpainful neurological conditions such as insomnia, cognitive behavior and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Auriculotherapy is performed by first cleaning the ear with an alcohol swab. The practitioner will then place semi-permanent needles (ear seeds) on the outside of the ear, which doesn’t hurt but you may feel some tenderness or a warm sensation. The ear seeds will stay in place for 5-7 days and you’ll be instructed to massage them 2-3 times a day by applying gentle pressure while moving them in small circles.

Auriculotherapy is FDA approved with no side effects. It is useful in the treatment of acute and chronic pain and other conditions such as:

  •  Headaches
  GI symptoms
  •  Pain, numbness and tingling from chemotherapy
    Lower back pain
    Depression and grief

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Auriculotherapy TEXT or CALL 856.690.1616 to schedule an appointment with Chiara Mariani, MD. From DISCOVERY to RECOVERY, we’ve got you covered!

Dr. Mariani
Chiara Mariani, MD FAAPMR Board Certified, Fellowship Trained in Physician Medicine and Rehabilitation
She earned her degree at University of Milan, Italy and is also trained & certified in Medical Acupuncture. Dr. Mariani has worked with post-stroke patients, and traumatic brain injuries. She believes in a multidisciplinary approach to explore all the conservative options available to restore her patient’s function and quality of life. She treats the whole body, not just the problem area.

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