Back & Lumbar Spine

Premier Orthopaedic Associates is proud to bring to you a focused and highly trained team that treat all aspects of neck and spine care,  located in your own community. Whether a sports-related injury, a traumatic accident or a complex deformity, Premier Orthopaedic Associates offers leaders in neck and spine care that specialize in your condition to take care of you.

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Neck, back and lumbar spine ailments are very painful and debilitating. An accurate diagnosis and care from a specialist who knows you and is concerned about you is critical. At Premier Orthopeadic Associates, we have a team of nonoperative specialist that specialize in accurate diagnosis, advanced rehabilitation as well as pain management. We go the extra mile to make sure that you get individualized care yo meet your needs.

Premier Orthopaedic Team, treats Orthopaedic Spine and Neck conditions with a variety of customized techniques and procedures. Our spine team physicians commonly treat: 

Degenerative Disc Disease 
Lumbar Spine Pain 
Cervical Spine Pain 
Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome 
Whiplash Injuries 
Thoracic Spine Pain 
Spinal Stenosis 
Herniated Disc Pain 
Low Back Pain 
Vertebrae Fractures

When you are considering spinal surgery, our partner, Premier Orthopaedic Spine Associates has a team of dedicated board certified orthopaedic surgeons that specialize in minimally invasive procedures as well as complex reconstructive surgery. If you have had surgery in the past, rest assured that our experts are some of the top in their field at advanced revision procedures. Premier Orthopaedic Spine Associates have received highest honors among their peers within the United States and Internationally. Our physicians have trained in the most highly competitive spinal training programs including Ivy league universities. When you have a painful spine condition you want to put your trust in the a physician who will provide you with the utmost compassion and care. And, at Premier, you will have the confidence that only your doctor is doing your procedure. With multiple convenient locations, we are here to serve you, right here in your in your own backyard.

Dr Rahul V. Shah
Kimberley Y. Smith

MD, FAAPMR/FAAPM, Double Board Certified Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, 
Fellowship Trained Pain Medicine

Chiara Mariani

MD, FAAPMR, Board Certified, 
Fellowship Trained Physical 
Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Vincent N. Disabella

Double Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician

Laurence N. Fitzhenry, IV

MD, Board Certified 
Anesthesiology & Pain Management,
  Fellowship Trained Pain Medicine

Trina Lisko

DO, FAAPMR, Triple Board Certified, Physical Medicine&Rehabilitation, Electrodiagnostic, Sports Medicine, Fellowship Trained Sports and Spine Medicine