Pain Management

Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Care at Premier Orthopaedic Associates is designed to ease suffering and improve your quality of life. Premier Orthopaedic Associates offers the highest quality pain management services available with the expertise of the Premier Pain Management team, Kimberly Y. Smith, MD, Chiara Mariani, MD, Laurence N. Fitzhenry, MD, and Trina M. Lisko, DO. These highly trained physicians use a variety of specialized treatments to relieve pain and improve quality of life. Our goal in pain management is to individualize treatment plans to meet the needs of each patient and have the patient return to activities of daily living PAIN FREE!

Pain Management

Following procedure are specialised in as part of Premier's Pain Managment Program.

Trigger Point Injections 
Nerve Block Injections 
Radiofrequency Ablation 
EMG Nerve Conduction Testing 
Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation Therapy (TENS)

Tips for Managing Chronic Pain at Home

Chronic pain affects millions of Americans every year. Premier Orthopaedic Associates offers a number of ways to help you. How can you deal with chronic pain at home? Here are a few helpful tips to manage your pain: 

Meditation or Deep Breathing Techniques 
Meditation can help you to manage your thoughts and breathing to help your body relax and therefore relieve your pain. 

Reduce stress 
Identify stress inducing activities or scenarios that might aggravate or intensify your pain. 

Exercise produces Endorphins in the blood stream which can block pain and prevent re-injury when you rebuild your muscles. 

Dieting and Healthy Living 
Tobacco and alcohol use can increase heart rates and blood pressure which can negatively impact or trigger headaches, disrupt sleep schedules and increase pain levels. A balanced diet can also improve overall blood pressure and blood sugar. 

Massage therapy sessions can release tension and pain in soft tissue and therefore relieve tension.

Kimberley Y. Smith

MD, FAAPMR/FAAPM, Double Board Certified Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Chiara Mariani

MD, FAAPMR, Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Laurence N. Fitzhenry, IV

MD, Board Certified Anesthesiology & Pain Management, 
Fellowship Trained Pain Medicine

Trina M. Lisko

DO, FAAPMR, Triple Board Certified, Physical Medicine&Rehabilitation, Electrodiagnostic, Sports Medicine, Fellowship Trained Sports and Spine Medicine   

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