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Rahul V. Shah

MD, FAAOS, Board Certified Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon, Fellowship Trained Spine Surgery

Rutgers University

Medical School
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Yale University

Yale University 

University of California San Francisco

Inventor; “StabiliMax-NZ” spine device 
The recipient of "Wayne O. Southwick Award" for leadership in spinal surgery 
Served as Chief Orthopaedic Resident at Yale University He was named the Yale New Haven All-Star Physician and Top Physicians by The Daily Journal. 

About Dr. Shah

Rahul V. Shah, MD, FAAOS, is a board certified, fellowship trained Orthopaedic Spine and Neck Surgeon and a partner with Premier Orthopaedic Associates. 

Dr. Shah specializes in spine and neck surgery which includes herniated or ruptured discs in the neck and spine. Most commonly, he treats spinal disorders and pain related to the neck and back. Because pain can sometimes radiate to different parts of the body, the neck and back pain are unique when related to the spine, pain can sometimes start in the arms or legs. It requires a Spine Surgeon to help diagnose the severity of a spine condition. Dr. Shah performs hundreds of cervical, lumbar and thoracic spine procedures each year. He specializes in minimally invasive surgery for the neck and spine. 

Dr. Shah graduated from Rutgers University and went on to earn his medical degree from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He attended Yale University for his Internship and Residency training. Next Dr. Shah completed his fellowship at the University of California for advanced spinal deformity and minimally invasive spinal surgery. 

Dr. Shah also served as the Chief Resident while at Yale. In 2005, was also the recipient of "Wayne O. Southwick Award" as the graduating Chief Resident who exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of Dr. Southwick (former Chairman of Orthopaedic, Yale New Haven Hospital), for leadership in spinal surgery. He was also named the Yale New Haven "All-Star Physician" and a "Top Physician" by The Daily Journal. Dr. Shah performs thousands of spinal surgeries each year including minimally invasive, reconstructive and revision surgeries encompassing the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. 

Rahul V. Shah, MD, is an integral part of the interventional spine team at Premier Orthopaedic Associates. His practice involves many options that allow a patient to feel relief from back and neck pain such as injection therapy or advanced surgery to solve more complicated spine problems. Dr. Shah's hard work and dedication to solving complicated back and neck pain helps patients with life- altering injuries find relief and an opportunity to get their life back. Dr. Shah is an attending faculty member at Rowan University Medical School and an important part of the Orthopaedic Residency Program at South Jersey Healthcare. 

Dr. Shah was inspired to become an Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon after studying the painful symptoms of chronic back pain. He has strong desire to help to give patients their life back. He credits the advancements of outpatient spine surgery as the greatest recent advancement in spine surgery. By utilizing outpatient spine surgery, Dr. Shah, gives patients the chance to rest comfortably at home as opposed to in a hospital bed. This reduces stress, increases comfort and is much more convenient.

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