Workers' Compensation Injuries

Work-related injuries are bad news for the injured worker and the employer because they mean missed work and pain. That's when the comprehensive team of experts at Premier can help. With immediate availability, we help get injured workers back to work once they are safe to return.

Workers' Compensation Injuries

Whether it is a hand injury, spine injury, arm or leg injury we specialize in listening to the injured worker and getting them back to their pre-injury baseline. By accurately diagnosing and exposing the nature of the injury we work tirelessly to treat the injury and get the injured worker better. Our cost effective and results oriented approach ensures that no wasted step is taken in getting the best results. Best of all, we are right here in your backyard.

A detailed medical history is critical, along with guided questioning about the presenting injury. The patient’s answers to “What happened?”, “What were you doing when you were injured?”, and “Describe what it felt like…”, all help to determine the mechanism of injury.

At each and every Orthopaedic examination and evaluation, our physicians will

Obtain a thorough history stressing the mechanism of injury. 
Determine the working diagnosis with relevant clinical exam findings. 
Review X-Ray and other studies. 
Render an opinion regarding the cause of the injury or ailment. 
Determine the work restrictions, if any. 
Work with case managers, adjusters and patients to return to work as soon as possible. 
Send detailed notes same day and follow-up office note within 24-48 hours.

Premier Orthopaedic Associates offers a experienced team of workers compensation injury experts. This includes a separate and dedicated Workers' Compensation Care staff for appointment scheduling, care management, and case support. Our staff is in constant communication with patients, insurance case managers, and adjusters to optimize appointments, maintain health while returning injured workers through their recovery process, and ultimately gaining full duty capability. Our physicians offer unique insight and medical skill that can help you and your employees manage injuries and get back to work safely.  

Orthopaedic Center of Excellence

As a complete Orthopaedic Center of Excellence, Premier offers orthopaedic services under one roof. Whether its diagnostic testing, physical therapy (hyperlink to pt), medication dispensing, bracing (hyper link DME) or specializing advanced muscular-skeletal care, Premier Orthopaedic Associates has a comprehensive lineup dedicated to ensuring optimal care for the injured worker.

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